About us

Rössle AG is a traditional company that has developed over generations. From narratives and records we know of the lime burners Cäzilie and Johann Rößle from Ennenhofen near Marktoberdorf. This was followed by lime and cement trading. Later, Georg Rößle developed modern production facilities for hollow blocks in concrete and pumice as well as Liapor. After a while, the concrete factory was a natural stone trade, which for more than twenty years has been providing the landscaping of the Allgäu and the regions beyond.

Rössle Natursteine ​​has become the term for quality, selection and good advice and we are continuing to build on this. For the past ten years, another branch of Rössle AG has caused a sensation and great success. In the field of "technology for clean ponds" Rössle builds and develops mud suctioners and electric brushes for the cleaning of decorative and swimming ponds. Through continuous innovative developments in the field of pond cleaning, Rössle AG has developed a market-leading role in Europe.


Hubert und Renate Rössle
Renate Rössle       Hubert Rössle