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Frequently asked questions

How do I use the suction bell and for what?

You don't want to suck in stone pebbles at the bottom of the pond. With the suction bell the dirt is removed while the stones remain on the ground.

Where do you connect the pre-separator?

The pre-separator absorbs heavy and coarse components. It is coupled between the blue suction hose and the suction side inlet.

The vacuum cleaner does not suck properly or suck at all!

Check power supply, suction hose may be blocked, unit may be overfilled (empty), unit is too high above the water level.

The vacuum cleaner does not pump properly, or not pump at all!

Plug the pump cable into the unit, possibly clean the pump inlet in the tank, if the pump-out hose is uphill, the rise of the hose could be too high.

The vacuum cleaner simply switches off!

Unit is overfilled and switches off by float switch. Air supply slots are blocked - the vacuum cleaner is overheated.

The fuse (Fi circuit breaker) blows!

The fuse in the socket is too weak, the vacuum cleaner is standing in the rain and the electrics are soaked.

What accessories are available and which accessory is for which purpose?

Please select the item Accessories in the left menu bar.

Steam or smoke comes out of the suction head!

Switch off the machine and have it checked (see also section Repair and warranty processing).

What is the maximum height or depth at which the vacuum cleaner may stand?

As little as possible above the water level, max. 60cm.

Can the vacuum cleaner be operated in the blazing sun?

My question was not answered here

Please contact the hotline: +49 (0) 8342 - 70 595 13 or use our contact form. We will try to help you as quickly as possible.



 Every pond needs maintenance. Read here what you should know about pond care!

Here, we offer advice and products that have resulted from years of monitoring and practical experience of cleaning operations on hundreds of man-made garden and swimming ponds.

An artificially created body of water with a functioning ecosystem is the dream of every garden owner. Sooner or later, however, it can cause trouble. Algae growth and pollution spoil the picture. Nature shows that almost all artificially created ponds, as well as naturally formed bodies of water, sooner or later have problems with algae growth or pollution. The right care with the right care products helps you to maintain the enjoyment and fun of your pond.

 The gentle and simple way of pond care

The most effective maintenance tool for a pond is still a pond suction cleaner. Our pond cleaning devices offered for this purpose are all capable of removing algae growth and dirt. Pond suction cleaners suck up the dirty water and pump it to external locations (compost area, the output may well be a good fertiliser for other garden areas).

Pond care with water filtration and water recirculation

The optimal solution for existing biosystems is a pond suction cleaner with subsequent water filtration and water recirculation. The direct recirculation of the filtered water protects the pond biosystem. Of course, this method is more time-consuming and expensive than extraction without recirculation. Larger filter surfaces are necessary to filter sludge and water and the sponge filters must be cleaned regularly.

Tools for pond maintenance

In addition to regular vacuuming of pollution, pond care products prevent further algae proliferation. Fully biological remediation preparations and care products improve water quality by binding nutrients and containing algae blooms. New ultrasonic induction devices, harmless to humans and animals, successfully combat algae growth. You will find the appropriate offers here.

 Extremely polluted ponds

We call ponds extremely polluted if their mud layer is thicker than 10 cm. In the case of such extreme pollution, e.g.: ponds that have not been cleaned for several years, the pond should be drained and the mud removed manually. Follow-up cleaning with our pond suction cleaners (at least once a year) will then keep your ponds clean for a long time. However, such situations should be avoided if possible; they represent the maximum unfavourable case for the biosystem. With regular cleaning using the gentle suction method, such crash situations thankfully do not occur.

 Pond with swimming area

A clean swimming area is the flagship of every swimming pond. The pleasure is noticeably dampened (in the truest sense of the word) when dead algae float around in front of your nose while bathing or you can no longer see the bottom because of all the mud that has been stirred up. Pond suction cleaners help you to remove the dirt effectively. Depending on the size of the pond and the swimming area and the time needed for cleaning, there are different powerful pond suction cleaners available for this purpose.

Optimal for ponds with swimming areas are our Vortex pond robots. These swimming zone robots from Zodiac are certainly the most intelligently designed robots. Thanks to the new position of the pump motor and the water guide, the engineers have succeeded in designing the first swimming pond robot with Vortex technology. The vortex effect creates an extremely strong vortex inside the filter, dirt particles therefore do not attach themselves to the filter wall and the filter cannot become clogged. Picked-up particles of dirt are collected in an easy-to-remove container located in the upper part of the unit. Emptying is done simply with a click, without any contact with dirt particles, so that the filter can be cleaned quickly and hygienically.