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    Natural clean and well kept water with PHOSPAT®

    Too much phosphate in the water usually causes a reduced water quality. Phosphates enter the pond, for example, via refill water and fish food or are produced by the decay of organic matter in the water. Phosphate present in the water is a nutrient for undesirable turbidity in the water. In order to improve the water quality, a reduction of the phosphate value is necessary.

    PHOSPAT® NPF 1 filter unit for phosphate reduction without pre-filter. The filter unit is used in the shallow water area (7 to 15 cm below the water surface) of your water body. The filter unit is suitable for a water volume of up to 50 m³.
    By means of a pump connected to the NPF unit, the water is sucked in and contained phosphate is reduced to a value of less than 0.035 mg/l. The filter units are protected from contamination by the sieve cover. The filter cassette can be easily replaced and repurchased as soon as the absorption capacity is reached.
    PHOSPAT® NPF 1 has an uptake capacity of up to 90 g PO4³ per filter cassette at a recommended flow rate of 800 l/h. The pressure loss through the filter unit is < 0.05 bar. The filter unit can be backwashed.

PHOSPAT® NPF 1 - Filter unit for phosphate reduction without pre-filter in... more
Product information "PHOSPAT® NPF 1"

PHOSPAT® NPF 1 - Filter unit for phosphate reduction without pre-filter in shallow water areas.

- Particularly suitable for a water capacity of up to 50 m²

- Absorption capacity of 90 g phosphate

- Optimum filter effect when using a pump with a capacity of approx. 800 l/h

- Pressure loss through the pre-filter < 0.05 bar

- Filter unit can be backwashed

- Easy to replace filter cassette

- The PHOSPAT® NPF 1 must be placed in the water so that it is always approx. 7 - 15 cm below the water surface.

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